Thursday, December 23, 2004

To Be or Not To Be?

There's a famous exchange betwen Carrie and Charles (Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant) in Four Wdddings and a Funeral, where Carrie tells Charles about her run. How many sexual partners she's had. When she's finished (somewhere in the 30's) she asks him about his 'run'. He, unable to compete with someone this worldly and, well, athletic becomes somewhat abashed, and mutters something to the effect of: "I don't what the $@*%! I've been doing..."

Carrie: Our timing has been very bad.
Charles: Yes it has been. Very bad.
Carrie: It's been a disaster.
Charles: It has been, as you say, very bad indeed.

In some ways I feel the same. I can blame the Ironman in part, which has swallowed up whole chapters of my life recently, but I must also say I've gotten myself a little lost and mixed up. I really need some fresh air, blue sky and free time to find myself again. There is plenty of that coming up.

I'll miss some of the eye candy here, from the flowing jet black hair and shy eyes to the beehive of lights and glitter that is Korea at night.

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