Sunday, December 19, 2004


Here's one of Song's pictures. It's great isn't it? You can see by the way she dresses, that she is a very creative, and colorful personality. This is a pretty unique style. She is obviously not just a skillful illustrator, but an imaginative one.

I showed her my art once and she immediately asked me whether I was influenced by the Russian artist, Kadinsky. He's an abstract expressionist. I'd never heard of him, but sure enough, I see that our style do sometimes show some similarities. I thought that was a marvellous insight from her, because it elevated my dreamy scribblings to a level similar to famous artworks and styles that are out there, and that's encouraging for any artist. Song's great. I've known her since 2002 and I really like her.

I'd love for her to illustrate some of the children's stories I've written. Watch this space!
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