Thursday, December 23, 2004

School's Out

Today went by fairly quickly.

In most of my classes we played badminton. I gave away my soccer ball to my second class, and handed out various goodies.
I ate some yummy pizza in one of Christine's claases. In Grace's class one of the students said I am the best foreign teacher at Kang's. Quite a bright student too. Really? Me?

I felt a weird kind of metaphor while I was watching some of the kids trying to play badminton, and obviously being limited by an enclosed space. It made me think that in a way, my life here has become very restrictive for me. Maybe it's by design, maybe I just let it happen. But I really need to stretch myself out again in wide open spaces.

In my last class, my adult class, my diligent student helped me write vitally important notices for my Zipp Bwheel box. I asked him to write: 'This side up' and 'Fragile' and 'Don't put heavy loads on this box'. I am praying they'll arrive in South Africa undamaged. And I am praying that at the airport I won't have to pay billions of dollars for excess baggage.
I have two boxes filled with bike equipment, two big hiking type bags, and my notebook case, plus a small hiking bag. All that under 27kg?

Had lunch earlier today with Eric at Burger King, after taking my coinage in, and getting a new bank book. Coins came up to W116 000.

The day went by quite quickly, nothing amazing, but was otherwise fairly unexceptional. I greeted each teacher with a handshake and a few words, and some of the students too.

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