Sunday, December 19, 2004

Runway Clear

This was unexpected. I've been proactive with my ticket, having sent a series of emails to insure there were no last minute surprises. But there was one.

I asked Julie, Juni's colleague, for a discount and she just glanced away and rattled her fingers on her keyboard. She was at it for a few minutes so I wandered around looking at brochures and taking one or two photos.
Then she asked me: "Do you want to leave a day earlier?"
"You mean, on Friday?"
I had to think about that for...a second. I did organise a dinner for Christmas eve, and now I was bailing on my own dinner. But Corneli could still play host. (She was quite upset that I wouldn't be in Korea with her for Christmas.)
I was also getting a W100 000 (R500) discount off the Christmas day price.

"Do you want to leave a day earlier?"
Mission 1 Status:
Accomplished (87% Efficiency Factor).  Posted by Hello

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