Friday, December 17, 2004

Making Friends With The Mountain

The peak just off the centre of the picture, is the summit (above the steepest section) where a few of the other pictures were taken. I went up there after 3-4 practise runs on first a beginner and then an intermediate slope. We must have done about about 10 runs altogether, in just under 3 hours.

Not only was the snow artificial but from the ski lifts we saw a tiger and a bambi like deer on the side of some kind of road. When you have statues of animals in a ski park, and artifical snow machines working overtime a week before Christmas, you get a tiny niggly feeling that something is not quite right with the world.

Even so, sitting on the lifts, and all you hear is the occasional scrape of a skier's really a calming effect. It may be all about fun but out there in the fresh air and moving between the wooded mountainsides, it's also good for the soul. I felt really centred. I got better on the slopes when I worked with the snow, and the gradient of the mountain. I also got a bit of sunburn.

We might go again next week, on the 24th, this time to Yongpyong. Let's hope we see some real snow in the meantime.

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