Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Life in Boxes

I am now well and truly inside a healthy sleep pattern. I was in Snoreland before midnight, and I woke up clear and present at 6am.

It's so cold outside the milk and water in my window are chalky and glassy blocks of ice. I'm still waiting for the milk to thaw (at 10:19am) so I can have some breakfast. Maybe I'll just call Eric at 12:00 and have brunch with him.

My Cannondale is in a box. It's stressful putting this powerful, but somewhat delicate machine in a box. While it has survived some very deep potholes and carried me beyond the jaws of certain death, the sensitive cables especially around the derallieur don't enjoy confined spaces, or having heavy objects loaded onto them.

It's going to be a relief to have it unpacked, the bars, wheels and saddle bolted back together and riding again.
On Friday, when I arrive in South Africa at 7am, while the sun begins to climb clear of the horizon, I'll be just about ready for bed. Posted by Hello

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