Friday, December 17, 2004

Gray Aliens Can Ski Too!

This is a ski shop that caters exclusively for a certain type of alien, commonly referred to as 'the Grays'. They provide special oversized ski helmets here, tiny ski boots and small little skis. They also have hundreds of Oakley Hatchets and Thumps in special designs to cover their huge eyes. They also sell ray guns, and Starship transmitters.

We did actually see a flying object in one of the tunnels on the way to Phoneix Park. But it was an IFO - an Identified Flying Object. Someone had released a green umbrella into the tunnel (opened) and so it was kind've floating around in the drafts made by the vehicles.

I'd be lying if I said I saw any Grays on the slopes today, but I wouldn't be lying if I told you there was an alien there, a White, wearing Fire Juliet Oakley glasses. JinchaPosted by Hello

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