Friday, December 17, 2004

Eddie Would Go, Would You?

This is at the top of the steepest section. As soon as you go down the slope it just slips down, and you pick up speed like that, and a bit lower, it just falls - it seems straight down - and I got a bit nervy and rattled the first time we skied down.

Every now and then Pete took out a cigarette and chilled, and I got a chance to rest my legs a bit, and take out my camera. Going down this section really required you to pull your legs into position, if you were trying to slow yourself down, and you also had to get yourself out of snow valleys other skier had carved. If you get lazy down here, or clumsy, then you're going to eat snow - simple as that.

This part was technical, and interesting, but lower down you could get up to speed and make relaxed arcs, lifting waves of snow powder into the sun.  Posted by Hello