Wednesday, December 22, 2004


You can see you're dealing with an artist behind the camera here. Not only has she mastered composition, but she knows how to capture and balance light.

A good photographer sees the magic in the commonplace, and help us recognize (literally: see again) the beauty in and around ourselves.

What then does a good writer do? A good writer puts thoughts and words inside your head, in a tone and language that is accessible and understandable, as though these were our very own thoughts, and in a way that says simply but profoundly, "You are not alone. And there's more than even that. There is more to this world than just you and me. There's magic and poetry and power in you, in me, and right through all the universe here and everywhere. This is a world worth having, and with valuable land and living things. You too are valuable, and connected to all of it."

Maybe that's not what all writer's say, but that's what I'd like to say, to weave into the web of all my writing. Posted by Hello

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