Sunday, December 19, 2004

Clumsy Clot

It's a good thing I wasn't this dom on the slopes. I packed in my watch just in case there was time to head into Seoul and get the battery exchanged. When I was at the ski store, renting boots 'n all, I opened my bag and fished out my Nike tracksuit pants. I wanted to ask them whether I could use them for skiing. My Polar Heart rate Monitor seemed to find a life of its own. Under its own power, it seemed, it just launched out of the bag, and I watched helplessly as it bounced neatly off the glass counter and landed on the floor with a crack.

DOOOOF! This little piece of technology cost me just short of W500 000 (R2500)so I was just seeing money flying out of my pockets when the store owner picked it up and handed it to me and I saw these cracks. How much to repair it?
Forget about it.

Yes. I had to clear this nasty little memory from my mind when I went skiing, and I must have, because the skiing was just all good funPosted by Hello

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