Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Camera Club

Sora is the Founder and Leader of a big Camera Club in Ilsan. It has about 20 members, judging from the pictures I've seen.

Sora sometimes works in a flower shop that belongs to her mother. I asked her if she likes flowers, as South Africa has some beauties, proteas among others. But it's a case of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I guess, working in a flower factory makes one a bit allergic to the stuff.

I tuahgt Sora for half of one term, one month, in 2002, and she was this young girl between a lot of older ajumahs and adjussis, and I had to pretend that they were all on the same level. Sora went to school in Australia so her English is good.

She's into Snowboarding, Calvin Klein and Cameras.
This is one of the members of Sora's Club. She lives near my house, but in three years I haven't seen her. She works in a jewellery store.

The Wine is situated under the Nice Gym, and has a nice, mellow atmosphere. Posted by Hello

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