Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bye Bye

Relax, this photo was taken ages ago. I've lost the beard in the meantime. Actually, it's been making a coming back these last few days.

The school is going to have a dinner tonight, but I still have lots to do, and I still have to clean my apartment and that is going to be quite a big job. For one thing, there is a bit of mould growing in the refrigerator already, even though I've left the doors slightly open.
I also have to find an innovative way to pack the Zipp wheels. It's just too much extra weight to put them in a bike cardbox when they barely weigh 1-2kg on their own.

I started teaching at my school the day it opened. I am the longest surviving teacher by quite a few months. I've had lots of ups and downs at my school, and I'm looking forward to finding something better, and hopefully an organisation that rewards initiative, loyalty and consistency.
I wonder what South Africa will have to offer? Swim coaching with Total Immersiona? Who knows... Posted by Hello

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