Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bald Trinity

We came here totally stuffed from a huge meal at Outback.

The movie was cheesy, starting off with Evil being discovered in Iraq, and Whistler's (Chris Christopherson's) predeath speech (to Wesley Snipes).
You're like a son to me.
Um...can I say something here...okay never mind.
I was doing this since before you were born.
Then maybe it's time you died.
The monster was parts of Predator and, maybe Hellboy.
The best part were the labels on the doll and the chest of one of the 'amateurs'.

Earlier in the day I was half watching Dying Young, while getting ready to go out.
In the movie, a guy hires Julia Roberts to be his nurse, then falls in love with her (surprise surprise) while he is going through chemo.
After a particularly painful chemo Victor tells her he's done, and goes with her to a coastal hideaway.
For a while things go swimmingly, but then he gets seriously sick again, and no amount of morphine can hide the symptoms. Rattled, Hilary (Julia's character) calls in Richard Geddes (who is Victor's, the cancer patient's, father). Here's what he says to his son:

Richard: I've had investigators looking for you. How could you leave in the middle of your chemo? How could you interrupt your chemotherapy Victor?
Victor: I wanted her to see me with hair.

I'm serious. That's what he said.

The worst film I've seen in ages was Intolerable Cruelty . Clooney's and Zeta Jones' stocks, in my books anyway, went into freefall. Zeta was also not that great in Spielberg's The Terminal. I think Spielberg wanted someone beautiful but wishy washy and flacky for Hanks to waste his earnest self on, so I think Spielberg knew what he was doing hiring her. Is she a bad actress or does she just act in roles that require half brain cell acting?

Can anyone tell me where have all the good films gone? Posted by Hello

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