Sunday, December 19, 2004

Are you Megookgin?

No, I'm not an American. I'm from Nam Africa.

I was up just after 4am. We had a nice English Breakfast, yes bacon and eggs, toast etc. and then caught the 1200 bus to City Hall in Seoul.

It's unseasonably warm in Korea. After skiing the thermometer in Pete's car read 6 or 7 degrees Celsius. Usually, this time of year, when you walk outside, you want every square centimeter of skin under wraps.

I had two missions to do in Seoul.
1) Air Ticket
2) Repair my Polar Heart Rate monitor.

Since I only had the morning to do it in, with both locations separated by miles, I needed Shadowfax (or a Seoultaxi)to show me the meaning of hastePosted by Hello

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Daniel said...

Funny...Me+gook+gin I presume it means: :beautiful+country+person?

The chinese version: Mei+goa+ren
"South Africa" in Korean =Nam Africa?
Chinese version: Nan Fei
Nan and Nam =south, I presume?
Both Korean and Japanese languages have their roots coming from the Mighty Red Chinese Dragon, supposedly.
I had to give a 10min speech at school, on friday, in Chinese...Lordie almighty,..what a nightmare.Nobody there to save me. Tough crowd. Christmas shows! Ridiculous..