Friday, December 17, 2004

The Agony and the Agony

This is a presentation of the story we created: The Real Game.

This is actually an example of How Not To Present.
1) Jenny handed out the booklet to all the parents beforehand. I asked her once to hand them out, but only after the presentation, so the parents can actually focus on the presenters. But I said this to her about a week ago. I guess I figured she wouldn't make lots of extra copies anyway. But she did and obviously that's what happened. While the kids were reading, the parents were paging and fumbling, eyes on paper and not once looking up the kids speaking.
2) The second thing was that no one could even hear them. They were reading a fair amount of text, and although we had a microphone, they weren't using it. If you can't hear something, how boring is that?

Once the presentation was over, I went into the room to see why they were still there. All of them looked really glum. Jenny said they were under the impression we were going to buy them pizza for their efforts. I was too sleepy to be annoyed. I did a lot of work for this class, basically pulled teeth to get anything done, and they didn't really contribute an awful lot, and here they were, wanting a big handout.

I was surprised and annoyed, but it barely caused a ficker on my How Much Is This Really Bothering You Meter.
I just said: "Have a great weekend and merry, merry Christmas."

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