Monday, December 20, 2004

2nd Seoul Mission With 3 SubMissions

SubMission 1: Get to Kelly's wedding on time.

SubMission 2:
Buy Christmas presents at Insadong

SubMission 3:
Find Everest Naan

So this was where we got off to the bus to catch the subject at Sinsa. This is the end of a beautiful boulevard in Seoul, the middle of which was the starting point for a marathon that I did earlier this year.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is worth visiting on the other side of this gate (a daemun is a gate) and this area is called Gwanghamun. A big book store called Kyobo is in this area, the Sejong Theatre, Seoul Selection, and the building where the English language newspapers are published, among many others.
There is a fair bit of security here because the American Embassy is also further down the road.

We found The Body Shop on our way to the subway station so quickly darted in and Corneli picked out a nice wedding gift. I grabbed a card and rushed out, chasing the clock.  Posted by Hello

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