Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Zoned Out

I woke up at 1:50pm this afternoon - Jan was calling from school. I'd missed the 13:30 meeting and I was totally out of it. I think I went to bed at 6am and after two nights of it my body just shutdown. I think I half expected Corneli would show up at some time in the morning and drop off that box. So it was not the best way to start the day, and sleep deprivation and disrupted patterns are turning into Enemy No: 1 for me.

There were no pertinent messages for me, and apparently no harm done, my first class is only at 15:15, but I don't like to make mistakes like that. What am I doing still asleep after 13:00!

The sleep I got seemed to be fairly high quality because my energy was OK today. But obviously no swimming.

I am feeling a bit like a ball in a pinball machine, bouncing in and out of classes, between students, and it requires effort to kind've really focus and see I am talking to someone and notice them.
So need to turn the volume in my mind down a whole bunch of notches. I feel this sort of stuff happens to me when I am out of training for a while. The energy rushes to my brain because it's just floating around in my legs and arms with nothing to do.

I think writing the Blog is using up far more time and energy than is really useful or helpful. So going to reduce the inputs here until I can get from grrrr to grinnnn.
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