Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Week 5 Day 2

Gym: 25 minutes
Including: 10 pullups, 7 Hamstring sets on each leg, 5 Quad sets on each leg.

Did some calf raises, and extensions, not so many but with heavier weights. Also quickly went through triceps and chest muscles. Was quick but quite tough - legs were quivering a bit afterwards.

Guy in the gym, Jin, kept talking to me - wanted to know if Corneli (Miss TV celebrity) was my girlfriend. So it was hard to get through everything and be Mr Chatterbox just before it closed at midnight. Did quite a few sets again of hamstring curls. What a big difference between the two legs. Even when I turn and do leg lifts, my quadriceps (above the knee on the front of the leg) on the right leg are not that strong.

Need to sleep well tonight so I can swim tomorrow. Even if I don't sleep enough I need to get in a swim.

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