Monday, November 29, 2004

Week 5 Day 1

No training.

Fraid so - didn't go to the gym. Started searching frantically for my gymk card, did everything from going through the pages of books recently read, to pulling furniture away from walls. Finally found it in the cupbaord, at 2 minutes after midnight. I am so glad Monday is over. What a day!
I tossed a bunch of clothes in the cupboard after I got home on Saturday and just wanted the place to look a bit tidier. I tossed the card and sweat towel in with everything else.

Body, especially legs, are still a bit stiff and sore. Felt mentally less positive, by a large margin, than I have been lately.
Yes, I haven't been mentally as acute as I normally am, and I intend to change that starting now. Not being mentally Here and Now basically allows stuff like injuries, sickness and bad luck kinda stuff to happen.

I have felt worn out so missing the gym is not the end of the world. If I had gone I would have gone without dinner, and I am not sure if I really want my body revved up just before I go to sleep.

Monday is over, and once Tuesday is, that will be November gone. Then I have 15 weeks left, to prepare for this race. I'd like to move into a new month. November has been a bit dismal and I want to start taking charge of my training process, and that starts in the mind.

I intend for December to be a hardcore month, full of DESIRE AND DETERMINATION - doing some exercise every day.

Have you been lucky lately?
Just got a pay raise...
Got to work on time! That's a game of chance and luck!
Kicked butt in my last race - but luck had nothing to do with it
I got a bit lucky yes, but not saying more than that...
Bad luck all the way!


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