Sunday, November 28, 2004

Week 4 Day 7

Swim 41.5 minutes.
Distance: 2.5km
Did a 2km continuous cruise with paddles. Felt great. Could feel the water flowing against my legs and over my feet as I gained speed and rhythm.

1km - 15:34
2km - 31:07
250m - 3:31 (was aiming for 3:30 or lower)
Warm down.

Total distance swum this week: 2 swims, 5.05km (last week 0km - terrible, week before 5.25km, 3 swims)
Total time in the gym: 1hr 20 (Week prior, 2 sessions, 40 minutes total)
Total training this week: 2hr56


In my mind I obviously have an idea of how I want to train, but I am not doing that much at all. FOCUS!
I have improved on last week, and I am healthy, so that's something.
I have felt progress in my swim, and am enjoying gym a bit more. I have a good idea of what I need to be doing in gym now.

Good to see my weight is also stable. It's very cold so I am not going to obsess about losing 1-2 kg while I am here. Once I am in South Africa it should melt away pretty quickly.

Need to treat my foot with ice and rub it with deep heat.


Gym 4 times
Swim 3 times
Cycle at least 1 time.

Total training time should be at least 6 hours this week. I need to focus now because after December I need to be ready to work really hard.  Posted by Hello