Sunday, November 28, 2004

Laughing Gas

Took it easy for the rest of the day. At 14:00 it still felt like 8am. You get that sort of weak winter sunlight and it's a bit cold and gloomy.

I didn't go into Seoul to watch Jeannie dance. Corneli said it was quite good, and she met some interesting people. I was really pretty tired even in the afternoon. It may have been good but I cleaned up my apartment and organised a few things.

Corneli and I watched TAXI (with Giselle and Queen Latifah - and some amazing driving stunts) just after 11pm. It was really quite funny. It made me want to get a car and push it.
I'm looking forward to driving on the highways when I'm in South Africa. They've changed the license setup since I've been out of the country so I hope there won't be a big rigmarole to validate my license. I hope it's just a matter of signing something and paying a small fee.

Need to get a bit of exercise on Sunday - a swim at the very least. Posted by Hello