Thursday, November 25, 2004

Crash or Cruise

Thursday will be the first day in weeks where I have the morning free to get some much needed sleep and rest. I need to go to the bank and I can get a swim in at 12:00 without having to rush one way and then rush back for a meeting.

I am encouraged to see my foot seems to be getting better. The twinges are almost gone now. I will give it a few more days, and then start running indoors, gently, on the treadmill. I won't do any hills until I am in South Africa.

I have reflected a bit today on my history in triathlon, and I see I have had the biggest impact, by far, on my competition, when I am on the bike. In Cheolwon, this year, I was 2nd once I finished the bike. It seems to be the strongest of the three for me, and I do really enjoy the cycling side.
I have also had really decent swims, and I can't say my swim has ever let me down. My swim always puts me with the Big Boys, and I am usually able to do that without a full out effort.
And I can also say I have had runs that have dented the lead of guys ahead of me. I'd like to get back to that kind of strength and speed. The important thing is to remember that I have done it before, and get the form back. Go back into the same training I did back then. 4km timetrials and hills.

The run does remain a priority, but it's good to see that in every area I am capable of doing a lot of damage, and having a big impact, on the guys around me. I'd like to focus a bit more now on a long term strategy of being faster in the water, and running. I think pure strength, from frequent visits to the gym, is one way to get there.

I'm going to read now and hit the pillow before 2am.
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