Sunday, November 28, 2004


At about this point my memory card on my camera reached its limit. I think it's 1200 pictures.
My camera also fell out my bag and on the floor. A Korean guy tapped me on my shoulder and there was my camera, the little LCD screen open like a broken wing, and my heart sank. Sharp really build sturdy little machines, because it was completely undamaged.
Do I look a little relieved?

Jeepers I've just looked closely at my camera now and there is a hairline crack on the top, about an inch long. It literally looks like a hair. I can still take pictures, and uploading images is fine, so that's all cool.

I think the roof of the camera, which is the part that is raised a bit to support a slot for a sound mike - I think that's what made contact with the ground, that's what bore the brunt of the impact. If it had been the other side, I think I would have been picking up fragments of camera. Phew.

I also think it is safe to say I won't take the camera out again for a while. I really need to have it in one piece for South Africa, because I'm sure there are quite a few desperate people waiting for me to arrive at the airport so they can steal it from me. I don't want to let them down. I am going to try to make sure I can keep my camera in one piece for at least one more month.  Posted by Hello

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