Tuesday, November 30, 2004


7 Straight Days
For 7 straight days, don't say a negative thought, don't hold onto to it, and if it happens immediately release it, or erase it.
Be curious rather than judgemental.
At three consecutive days, if things swing and become negative, then the thing has to start over.
Be positive about solutions but remain aware of the challenges.
Focus, develop the habit of focusing on what's right, instead of what's wrong.
Believe in something. Believe in this race, and ability to prepare for it.

These are the things I need to do while on a 7 Day Mental Diet. I feel this all presupposes that I can start the day with a good night's sleep. If that's the case tomorrow, then Tuesday is Mental Diet Day.
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Christina Martin said...

Wow. This is a practice we all could use!

Daniel said...

Chinese guy here...sorry.
Chinese say :don't think too much!
The result. They consider skinny people as unhealthy, bad sleepers and thinkers.
Fatties are the opposites. Lazy, happy, carefree.

In all seriousness. Try it. Meditation is the best way to switch off. Block out all the shit.
NR.2 Stop watching CNN!