Sunday, October 31, 2004


This is Raynard Tissink. He is South Africa's best Ironman athlete ever. He is the first man from Africa ever to win an Ironman, and he did this in Korea in 2002. I happened to be there with a South African flag which I gave to him and he waved when he got over the line. I met him later in his hotel room. He offered me a beer and told me a spoke broke on his bike. I was under the impression that he was focussing so much on solving some of the things that came up that day that he didn't really think about winning. When I said I was going to do the Ironman, I don't think he believed me. With good reason. It is an easy thing to say. Three years later I still have not made good on what I said. But I came close in 2003 and was in even better condition this year. It's still a work in progress. Notice he is also using the Zipp wheels. Raynard came 10th in Hawaii, 10th in the world, this year.
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