Friday, October 29, 2004

Swimming and Hazy

I think it was 3rd time lucky at the pool today. Because the previous two times the pool was closed. They just changed the times or were closed unexpectedly. Maybe they posted it on the noticeboard, but if it's in another language then it doesn't help me.
Not only was the pool open, but at 14:00 it was almost deserted. There was one old lady in my lane and at the sight of me she fled, causing a small tidal wave, and huddled in an adjacent lane with two other swimmers. So I had my lane to myself.

Swim like a fish.
I felt heavy.

But it was nice to be in the water.
It's like coming home, and I am not just saying that. I swam every day, for years, when I was a kid, and a teenager, and I have never gotten swimming out of my system.

I did a few hundreds, that's 4 lengths of the 25 metre pool. I was trying not to get too intense, because at this point speed is not that important. I did them around 1 minute 28 or 30 seconds.

I did some kicking and my arms felt so smooth afterwards. It usually takes me about 800 meters to get comfortable in the water.
It felt warm today.

I swam for 45 minutes and then saw that I am weighing 79.2kg. That's fine. It will be nice to see that number drop over the next few weeks, hopefully by as much as 10kg (a 13% drop) over 20 weeks. My weight went down to 71kg about a week before this years race. Weight really is an important indicator of fitness and strength, because it also means a lighter body is easier to move, especially over greater and greater distances. So I will be watching that.

Bernard is training in Thailand now with Andrew, towards Ironman New Zealand. He got stung by a jellyfish on his face. He says it is probably the most painful thing he has ever experienced.
I guess I was lucky today. No jellyfish in my lane, although the old lady, towards the end, was looking suspiciously like one.

I need to remember to incorporate hill sessions into my endurance program.
But now I have to prepare something for a birthday girl.

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