Saturday, October 30, 2004

Party Pooping

I was not quite in the party mood. Maybe because the drink I was holding cost about as much as the meal we had at Pomodorro, seriously. I think the common cold was still running amuck, it certainly was causing me some derangio, since I couldn't even get clear who was the actor and who was the director. I think because Gabriel doesn't say a word at all, and he was really in the shadows at Don't Go, and Peter made a small speech and we saw him when we saw Collateral it just felt like he was totally involved (because my impression was Gabriel was totally uninvolved). I don't think Gabriel's name is mentioned anywhere either. These are my excuses for placing assumptions above logic. Tonight I am not completely myself. I wasn't keen on joining Jan and Mark in the Hongik University area for Club day. Halloween is an amazing time to go out over here. Just as the movie ended a fellow covered in purple balloons, and wearing green stockings, came into the bar. Everyone burst out into applause and the grape guy of course thought we were appreciating his costume. There were also angels, ghouls and witches. But I was not quite in the mood. Hopefully I will be later as there are lots of things happening here and in Seoul. Posted by Hello

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