Saturday, October 30, 2004

Killer Whale

This is one of the flexible wetsuits triathletes use. This one is called the P-Flex. Buoyancy and streamlining means the swim in the sea or lake is a few minutes faster and easier. These suits are a lot softer than wetsuits divers use but may be too thin for very cold sea conditions. Earlier this year we swam in temperatures of 13 degrees, and these thinner wetsuits don't provide much warmth in these conditions. Most triathlons are in places where water and air temperatures are more bearable. We live in a time where records are broken and new challenges are made. It will be interesting to see a triathlon held in Antartica. I am sure it is possible, people do dive in those almost freezing waters. I also think it would be risking life and limb, but it would be interesting to see it done, and who would do it. Posted by Hello

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