Saturday, October 30, 2004


This is the team that broke the world record. Ryk Neethling is on the far right, overshadowing a small-looking Phelps. You can read more about Ryk at his website: At the far left is Roland Schoeman, who went on to win a silver and a bronze. What makes their performances so remarkable is that these guys are not really given the sort of of money or sponsorships that other professional athletes get. Not even close. This was the subject of some controversy in South Africa. The South African swimmer's said, at a press conference afterwards, that they hoped the sport's bodies in South Africa would begin to appreciate their athletes, and be more forthcoming with assistance. One of the responses: "If they want to swim for Uganda, they must go there, and we will have no problem signing their transfer papers." You can read the full story at:
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