Saturday, October 30, 2004


This was where we went last night. It's called LOST SEOUL DERANGIO and was filmed in Seoul and the Ilsan area, which is where I live. I was interested to see it because I am interested in film, especially film-making, and have long wanted to write for film. It is good to see something done on no budget, and I was impressed by the attention to detail, and the quality of it. I think the world is far more receptive to independent films. This may be because of Reality TV Shows, and also because Hollywood packages dreams, and has a magic formula (bit of a conflict in terms I'd say) that leaves many people untouched and unfulfilled. Whale Rider, for example, was a fresh independent production from New Zealand that left an indelible impression on me, and on most who saw it. There is actually a teacher starting at our school this November, who is a Maori, and from New Zealand. But, I digress: This was a 12 minute film about a hapless traveller arriving in Seoul only to find there is no one to meet him at the airport, and he has to find his way around a country where everything is in a different language. It has a Mr Bean quality about it, because the main character (dressed in black) says nothing throughout, but it is also it's own identity, thanks to good acting by Gabriel Diaz. I spoke, after the film, to the guys and congratulated them on an excellent score and some effective techniques. I had a long conversation with one of them. He explained that an actor really needs to not be force-fed dialogue, but allowed to speak the way he would speak. I said that I thought his acting was brilliant. The subtlety in the taxi, the calm but desperate appearance, I said, "is not an easy thing to convey on film, without looking self conscious. So I thought you did a great job." "Oh you mean my brother?" "Huh?" "I directed the film, Gabriel did the acting."  Posted by Hello

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