Sunday, October 31, 2004

Corneli nearly freaked out when she saw her Pinotage. She is a bit of a wine connoiseur, and this Nederburg 2001 that Charles gave her - well she was delighted when she got it. I was pretty happy too, because the chances are I will get to taste some of it. As usual the service at TGI Friday's was terrible, and I made that even worse by really stuffing myself with everything from prawns, to quesadillas, to a really massive burger, to chicken. The beer was good though, and the company. We spoke about things like The Final Solution, the North Korean Question, Spanish (as a language and as the wrong thing to teach as an English teacher), Jews, what happens when one of your students approaches you as you are about to watch a movie (you find out you were supposed to meet his parents so they don't lose face and you don't get a warning from your boss), marathons, a movie called Old Boy, incest, Jews, jobs, America, Jews and so on. Did I mention we talked about Jews? Our waittress was quite cute. Her name was Juwi.
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