Sunday, October 31, 2004

Blue Air

It was good to do something light and airy after it felt like things were feeling heavy. I must point out that this blog is really about a road to the Ironman. It paints a fuller picture I think if I give you a bit of background behind the hardcore training and technical stuff. It may also be interesting, to see in restrospect, that big goals that may seem too big for ordinary, simple and imperfect people, are not. Big goals are good, and worth pursuing. And they have the power to transform your lifestyle.
I hope I have sketched some kind of portrait of my lifestyle. I hope it is obvious that my eating habits are not the healthiest, that I am pretty overweight, and at the moment, training very little. I think so far this week I did nothing but one 45 minute swim. So this is a point of departure, so you can see how you can start with very little, and then hopefully develop and build from there.

You may also have noticed that there was quite a lot of attention paid to swimming. That was for a reason. Next I will introduce bicycling, and then cover running. This is all a way to introduce stuff that if you just immediately were reading about it, you might find inaccessible. So I hope it is not hard to get into or figure out, and at least as accessible as say Wuthering Heights. Posted by Hello

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