Saturday, October 30, 2004

Black Mamba

This is Ian Thorpe. He has virtually patented the full length black speedsuit. The Thorpedo has been so good, so dominant, one wonders why no one is out there wearing what he is wearing. The speedsuit is much thinner than a wetsuit, and streamlines the body, causing the skin and muscles to wobble less in the water, and helping the body to flow smoothly forward. Notice that goggles he is wearing. They are called Swedish goggles. Most amateur swimmers still wear plastic eyecups with rubberised ends. These soon start leaking. Swedish goggles can be fitted perfectly to the face, and although they have no soft surface (the plastic eyepieces fit snuggly in the eyepockets) they are still comfortable. I use them and they really are the way to go. They are durable too. At my last race, in a place called Cheorwon, I did a half Ironman, and a truck rode through the transition area (who ever heard of that) and rode over my goggles. I mean the full wheel rolled over them. I was gobsmacked when I picked them up and there was a small hair line crack in one of the eyepieces. I was still able to swim in them, and they leaked a little, but I had probably one of the top 5 best swims. Posted by Hello

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