Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Important Message from Susan Ilene Bennett [aka "jameson" and "jameson 245"] regarding the "garbage" in The Craven Silence Series

We've experienced it before - people hiding [or thinking they can hide] behind Avatars while shooting their mouths off and making very bold, gratuitous but ultimately false accusations.  

Of course, it's always easier to do this when you assume no one really knows who you are, or where you live.

The thing is, we do know who "jameson" is thanks to "jameson" herself. 

"jameson's" job has been basically 3 things:

1.  credit herself as being an absolute insider with absolute insight into the Ramsey case
2. validate the Ramseys [and herself]
3. discredit all who disagree with her and her position on the Ramseys [including by using bait and switch online tactics and dirty tricks]

Soi who is she exactly? She's a 65 year old housewife from Hickory in North Carolina.  If you do a google search that's how easy it is to find, and there's only one 65 year old Susan Bennett in Hickory, which makes finding her on a map just as easy.

The reason why I take issue with "jameson" isn't because she has dedicated her life to this one case.  People are free to do what they want to do. Of course it's one thing to dedicate one's energies to an earnest pursuit of truth, it's another to occupy one's every day to the distortion of truth.  

For years Bennett as "jameson" has pretended not even to be a woman.  As a result of that Foster mistook her for John Andrew Ramsey, and as a result of that Bennett was able to discredit Foster and his strong and accreditable assertions that Patsy Ramsey wrote the Ransom Note.

Bennett has also seen her oh-so-sincere efforts "validated" by John Bennett Ramsey himself, who met with Susan in Atlanta over several hours.  This is affirmed in his book Death of Innocence. Susan Bennett is also showered with gratitude at some length by the Ramseys in the same book.

I don't think it would be an exaggeration to call Susan Bennett the Ramsey's #1 cyber soldier.  And what she does is quite simple: she basically defends the Ramseys to the hilt, 24/7/365 and mercilessly attacks all who dare to suggest anything besides an Intruder Did It hypothesis.

Which is precisely why she's attacked Lisa and me.

Her passion and conviction and consistency are impressive. She seems to be everywhere and everywhen. Susan Bennett has been fighting tooth and nail for years. How has she been able to be to afford being a stay-at-home online hobbyist petitioning about one crime and one crime only for the past decade and a half?  Most of us tend to get real jobs and get on with our lives but who knows, maybe this was hers?  Maybe she was paid to do this?  

Previously Susan Bennett earned a handy $40 000 selling insider info on the Ramsey's to the tabloids. She also had the Ramseys phone number and home address based on mutual disclosures of ongoing correspondence.  [Didn't they use email in the late 90's?]

I provide the screengrabs above and below to illustrate just one example of Bennett's campaign at disinformation. 

 I do find it pertinent that Bennett takes issue with the bicycle thing.  If it's no big deal why argue about it?  If it's no big deal why did Burke blurt out on Dr. Phil that "we both got bikes" for Christmas, all evidence to the contrary?

Incidentally the bicycles you see in the above image both have "downtubes", indicative that they are both girl's/ladies' bikes.

In Death of Innocence John Ramsey makes zero mention of Burke getting a bicycle.  In the June 1998 interview with Boulder police John Ramsey pertinently says Burke didn't get a bike "that Christmas" [referring to 1996].  So either Burke is lying or John lied to the police in June 1998.  

Since Susan Bennett supports Burke's version, what does that say about Susan Bennett, and what is she trying to hide about Burke [who is perhaps a distant or not so distant relative?]

The other thing that is rather odd is that the PBworks archive, which has three links to "jameson's webbsleuths" seems to insist on spelling my name wrong.  I emailed PBworks on March 3rd, and have seen the webpage edited and expanded a bunch of times, but each time the "van der Beek [repeated six times] remains.  Here's the offending reference and below that is my email to try to correct it.

Is there a link between the PBworks online encyclopedia and "jameson" [and her agenda]?  If so, it's quite an elaborate online ruse, isn't it?  It's elaborate for the subtlety and subterfuge in muddying some of the data and being abundantly clear in other data [that perhaps suits a particular perspective].

  In the Ramsey saga it's unfortunate that thus far no one has been held to account for the foul deeds perpetrated and then covered up in Boulder during the Christmas of 1996, and for many years since.  Maybe, in the fullness of time, someone will have to answer for their misdeeds.  The information is being gathered better than ever before and as time passes filtering that information only gets faster and more effective...

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According to a website which maintains public records - - Bennett is a 65 year old resident at 935 24th Avenue Dr NW, Hickory, North Carolina 28601.